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rosencrantz319's Journal

26 January
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I asked Skylark77 who had never met me to describe me. She said I'm....

fun and artsy
Intelligent and hardworking
caring and interesting
silly about fun things but serious about important ones
I love my mother and care about other people

Couldn't you say that about Oedipus?

If I am anything
I am my art, the coat you see in the default picture.
I am the artsy fartsy movies I shove in friends faces. I am the pictures I need to start taking again.
I am the Shakespeare plays I love involving hippies and neosocialism.
I am popart with silverware.
I am becoming juggling to Samuel Becket plays.
I am Tom Waites in german.
I am angels in wool coats listening to Peter Faulk.
I am raspberry mocha.
I'm klesmer music set to swing.
I'm the fool who talks back to the king.
I'm Guiness swilled out of a leather mug.
I am the light dot my cat tries to catch.
I am the lords prayer on a Doctor Pepper sign.
I am a vintage candle stick phone hooked up to a computer on a vintage metal desk.

I'm walking the Breast Cancer 3-day for the third time in honor of my mother who is a Cancer survivor.

Help me reach my goal for the Susan G. Komen Twin Cities 3-Day for the Cure!